Present Moment Essays

Looking for a way to balance the editing, book proposal compiling, and submission process, I was thrilled to join the #52essays2017 challenge. While many who joined are uncertain of how they can come up with so many essays, my Scrivener essay project is inhabited by many mini-essays that have languished on the backburner  of my writing life. When they heard I was taking on this commitment, they all screamed with excitement: “Pick me, pick me!” They were sorely disappointed when my initial essays emerged from 2017 moments. With many weeks to come, I console them with the  promise they will get their day on the page.

I wrote this in 2000 and it still rings true: “I have always loved the essay — the crisp diatribe, the permission to be loose and opinionated, passionate and clearly biased. It is a warm and safe environment for me to spout my learnings and challenge what I am fed daily through the forced syringe of civilization.”

Week 1: My Two Homes

Week 2: In Memoriam

Week 3: Not Doing Enough

Week 4: The Bus Ride

Week 5: The Face and Sound of Power

Week 6: Betrayals Run Deep

Week 7: Love you, too

Week 8: Nature Reflects Writing Life

Week 9: The Power of the Weed

Week 10: Self-Love: The Crux* of it All

Week 11: I Never Bring it Up

Week 12: Salsa and Makeovers

Week 13 Holding Your Truth

Week 14: The Secret of Discipline

Week 15: On the Road

Week 16: One Size Does Not Fit All

Week 17: Read it and Run

Week 18: Mother Loss

Week 19: Swiss Army Knife – A Minor Super Power

Week 20: The WOW Journal

Week 21: The Camino

Week 22: Familia de Agua

Week 23: Living with Grief

Week 24: #TakeTheKnee for National Anthem

Week 25: Día de los Muertos

Week 26: Valley of Death