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Pam Covarrubias and I talk memoir, body image, Serena Williams, and living bilingual, bicultural lives. Cafe con Pam is a podcast featuring fearless Latinx and People of Color that break barriers, change lives, and make the world a better place while living in the US. Click on icon to listen. ¡Que lo disfrutan!

Recent Review

An in-depth, thoughtful review by Mariana Huerta of LatinasLeyendo.

Her tagline is:

Celebrating Literature for, by, and about Latinas


A deep, intimate, and beautifully written account of the immigration experience through the lens of a courageous woman. A healing window into the power of love, family, and identity. A must read for anyone looking for role models of courageous living and fully embracing our Latino heritage, including our español!

Read an interview by a wonderful writer and amigo Daniel Olivas about my memoir process.