I write because it is the core of my being, a key channel through which I can fulfill my life’s purpose and contribute my unique voice to upholding equity and love for all beings.

After a 14 year labor of love y paciencia, my memoir The Cost of our Lives will see the light of day in 2018!

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“Linda González’s memoir, The Cost of Our Lives, deserves a place alongside our very finest stories about family and belonging. Big-spirited and with an unflinching gaze, she delves into the very heart of what it means to be family, no matter how complicated or uncomfortable the details. Her book is bold, honest, and wise. Brava!”
Cristina García, author of seven novels, including Dreaming in Cuban and the just published HERE IN BERLIN.


Homenaje to My Teachers

I have had the honor of studying with the following writers, each of whom added their particular spice to my writing craft:

Much honor also to VONA Writers of Color Conferences, where the commitment to my writing was planted firmly and watered because of the amazing, generous leadership of Elmaz Abinader and Diem Jones.