Life & Livelihood Transition

What is essential in a thoughtful transition plan to live a purpose-filled life?

  • Understand and embrace change for a meaningful and productive shift
  • Revitalize your abilities to transform your life
  • Successfully address challenges and set realistic expectations of yourself and others


Ms Linda walks a dynamic line between being intentional and flexible as a coach that keeps our sessions together both evocative and effective. I am extremely grateful for her guidance. If you are in need of inspiration and motivation to accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible, then hire Linda immediately!

Linda worked with me to help me complete some academic work and to do some long-term planning for my career. She was instrumental in helping me to identify the kind of work I would be happiest with. I really appreciated her assistance in setting achievable goals and in helping me to reframe setbacks and challenges. I am pleased to say that I completed my MA thesis and that I plan to continue to work with Linda on my next steps, whatever they may be. I would recommend working with Linda to anyone.

Shanthi GonzalesOakland School Board Member and Project Manager

Working with Linda helped me become unstuck from negative thinking and the pull of taking so-called “safe” career paths. She helped me see how following my passion, although scary, is doable, deeply fulfilling and a happier path. I couldn’t have made the shift without her.

Linda’s coaching has helped me navigate complex situations with grace and caring strategies. She is the best support a working woman of color can have! I cannot recommend her enough.

Vickie VértizCollege Access Advocate and College Instructor